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      Art has always captivated me. In fact, it would be accurate to say I craved participation in all aspects of art, and before long, I was sifting through trash to find interesting materials that would ultimately turn into my latest project. As time passed, I continually worked to fine-tune my artistic techniques, perception, and my passion.

     My academic interests include film and digital photography, graphic design, 2D design, 3D design, and mixed media. My proposed areas of specialization are photography and graphic design. Paul Nicklin, my primary influence, is willing to do nearly anything to capture the “decisive moment” on film. His profound dedication inspires me to do the same.

     I recently received my MFA degree at Western Carolina University. I was a finalist in Photographer's Forum in 2012, a finalist in Carolina's Got Art in 2015, and had my work in various exhibitions throughout Georgia and North Carolina. 

     Art is the ultimate form of personal expression and I strive to capture this in my photography.


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